Murals > Solano Avenue Mural

Abrams Claghorn Gallery commissioned this mural for the exterior wall of the gallery. Located on the corner of Solano Avenue and the Ohlone Greenway "Solano” mural reflects the neighborhood. Rhythmic colors and echo the sound of passing trains, rigid architectural forms intermingle with the wild and weedy plants of the Greenway. Depictions of bees and butterflies give life to the path, alerting viewers' attention to under-noticed worlds and passing moments of wonder. Reckless raccoons play at tea for two, as though they had just managed to procure some fine pottery from inside the gallery. A mischievous smile spreads across the raccoon's face as the tea is spilling over. The dribbling tea is actually one of many running paint drips, disrupting straight lines and quivering through solid color fields, they prioritize play over propriety.