Murals > Arkansas Mural

The ceramic frog swims in state of ecstatic bliss against a painted wall mural of a swamp trees, a light video projection of running water over the entire surface. This piece is part of an installation done for the Baum Art Gallery in Arkansas and is inspired by personal memories and dreams. I made the frog before I ever got to Arkansas. As a child I spent summers (mostly barefoot and half naked) on my Grandparents land. In one very special part of their land was an old tree stump, which was the home of my dear friend the Tree Toad. I enjoyed feeding Tree Toad grasshoppers and running my fingers down his rumpled back. I would pick him up and sooth my hand down his cool squishy belly, admiring the soft white and pink tones. As a child I felt a deep and profound love of the natural world, an absolute bubbling over of joy, curiosity and amazement. The sweetness of this love is my spiritual home and it is this feeling that I put into the frog of ecstatic bliss. When I got to Arkansas I wanted to experience the natural landscapes of the area so I went to the swamps sketchbook in hand and from that created the mural behind the frog.